Tumelo Chiloane

CEO & Co-Founder

A South African born Social Afropreneur with a passion for technology and a vision for an Africa United. A trained & practiced professional Industrial Engineer graduating B.Tech Degree at the Tshwane University of Technology. His focus roles in Desert Green includes but not limited to: Business strategy development, new markets, partnership development, business modeling, process design, and development & continuous improvement.

Akani Mbetse

COO & Co-Founder

A South African born FERTASA accredited Soil Scientist, with a passion for food & sciences. Graduated from the University of Limpopo with B.sc Soil Science & Agronomy. His role in Desert Green includes but not limited to Soil chemistry, extension and advisory, agronomy, farm operations, and management.

Randy Kumasamba

CPO & Co-founder

A DRC born Agronomist & soil scientist, with a passion for crop biophysics. Graduated B.sc in Applied plant production & soil sciences from the University of Pretoria. His primary role in Desert Green includes but is not limited to: Sustainable agriculture production, on-farm irrigation scheduling, and management, crop production, crop fertilization planning and management, crop-biophysics’ analysis, soil physics.

Harvey Muyangayanga

CTO & Software Engineer

A DRC born Software Engineer, Business Analyst and UX Designer. Graduated from the University of Witwatersrand with a BSc in Computer Science & Information Systems and a BCom Hons in Information Systems. His role in Desert Green covers but is not limited to developing front end website architecture, designing user interactions on web pages. developing back-end website applications, creating servers and databases for functionality, ensuring cross-platform optimization for mobile phones, ensuring responsiveness of applications and outlining the Desert Green's technological vision, implementing technology strategies, and ensuring that the technological resources are aligned with the company's needs.